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Creating a safe space for a tribe of ‘out of the box’ thinkers who want a little more out of life.

Being content with yourself and your direction in life is the ultimate goal, we think. From a place of contentment, creating content becomes an authentic and organic process.

Why not join this community of lifelong learners and ‘out of the box’ thinkers as we explore different topics and dive down some amazing rabbit holes.


Ideas are where it all starts. Just thinking of it already makes it a possibility. How many different ideas do you just ignore because you doubt yourself?


Sometimes to keep those ideas alive, you need some inspiration. You need to hear that someone else was able to do it. Our brains are wired that way, we call them to mirror neurons


Only once you’ve combined your idea with inspiration can you start making an impact on those around you and start creating the future you want.

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At the Content College Club You’ll Get Instant Access To:

Virtual Co-Working & Get Togethers

We have various opportunities for virtual meetups. Our Connect is on the 4th of every month (unless the 4th is on a weekend) as well as our Masterclass on the 21st. Not to forget our weekly co-working opportunity.

Content Prompts

We provide you with a monthly calendar with daily ideas for content creation. You can use these for social media or website content. Perhaps a topic for a daily live video on your favourite platform?

Events & Workshops

A monthly 20 Minute Masterclass happens on the 21st of every month. We have an expert in their field come and present an interactive mastery class with ample time for questions and engagements. A recording of this is available after.

Community & Directory

Community support & listing of your business. We support each other’s businesses and help you promote what you do.

Library of Conversations & Masterclasses

You’ll have access to all previous conversations and masterclass recordings every month since January 2021


Join us for our 2 weekly co-working slots on Zoom. It’s so much better to know someone else is on the other side of your screen.

Some snippets of the Conversations you’ll have access to:

As a member of the Content College, you get the following, every month:

Content Calendar with ideas for every day

Weekly C0-Working spaces on Zoom
A get-together on Zoom once a month for some connection
An Inspirational Conversation as a recording available to watch at any time.
A 20-Minute Masterclass every month around the 21st.

Plus of course the community element of others on a similar mission in life and access to some pretty cool courses.

Hayley Joy Weinberg

“Content College membership site has been a life-changing and career-enhancing space, for me to be. I’m honoured to be a part of its evolving journey.

Hayley Joy Weinberg

Jannine Barron Content College Testimonial

“The Content College is an important hub for any business start-up to gain skills and learn in an affordable, flexible and accessible way.”

Jannine Barron

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Yulia Bloshakova

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